Georgia Institute of Technology Mastering Android Development

GIT MAD is a College of Computing organization that strives to teach and encourage the development of Android applications. Enabling members to either work in a group to develop their own application or learning where to start in Android development.

This year, we're going to be starting up a BEGINNER session running alongside of REGULAR sessions.
The BEGINNER session is good for those who are starting to learn how to write Android apps and also those who want more practice in it.
In REGULAR sessions, we dive into app programming immediately, so those who have previous Android experience are welcome to join this instead.


Meetings are held on Mondays in Klaus 2443 from 6pm-8pm.

Date Topic
Week 1- 8/21 No Meeting
Week 2- 8/28 Beginner: Basics of Android Development
Regular: Git
Week 3- 9/4 No Meeting
Week 4- 9/11 Beginner: Layouts and XML
Regular: TBD
Week 5- 9/18 Beginner: Event Handling
Regular: Async Task
Week 6- 9/25 No Meeting
Week 7- 10/2 Beginner: Event Handling (cont.)
Regular: TBD
Week 8- 10/9 No Meeting
Week 9- 10/16 Beginner: Lists & Navigation
Regular: TBD
Week 10- 10/23 Beginner: & Regular: Fragments
Week 11- 10/30 Beginner: Material Design
Regular: Styles
Week 12- 11/6 Beginner: Intro to HTTPS/APIs
Regular: Retrofit
Week 13- 11/13 Beginner: & Regular: Build a simple weather app
Week 14- 11/20 Beginner: & Regular: Notifications
Week 15- 11/27 Beginner: TBD
Regular: TBD
Week 16- 12/4 No Meeting (Finals)