Picture of Shannor Trotty
Shannor Trotty

I am a senior at GT and I have been a member of GITMAD for two years. Just recently I have become the President. I have been doing Android Programming for two years as well and have worked jobs with Android programming being my main focus. I will be mostly focusing on helping with the Beginners section this year. Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the club or if you think we could be doing certain things better!

Picture of Clayton Lawrence
Clayton Lawrence

Hey! I'm Clayton Lawrence and I'm currently a 3rd year CS major. My fascination with Android is what got me into CS so I look forward to exploring and learning more about it with you all! During the summer following my Freshman year, I participated in Facebook University where I was an Android Developer for 8 weeks and co-created a bucket-list app based on a user's Instagram data. As a sophomore, I joined GIT MAD and helped create the social networking app, Bitter. I'm excited for this year and can't wait to build some cool apps with you all!

Picture of Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy

Hi! I’m an third-year CS major here at GT. I started programming Android applications in high school, and joined GITMAD my first semester at Tech. I served as the GITMAD marketing officer during the spring of ‘15, and as president for the ‘15-’16 academic year. Right now, I’m helping plan events in the CoC with UCouncil.
My technical experience includes web development, cross platform mobile development, and of course Android! I dabble in iOS (Swift FTW!).

Picture of Tejasvi Nareddy
Tejasvi Nareddy

Hey, I’m Tejasvi Nareddy, and I go by Teju! I’m a 2nd-year CS major, and I’ve been a core officer on GIT MAD since Spring 2016. I came to GT last year without much knowledge about Android Dev, but my fellow officers helped me ramp up very quickly. By the end of my first semester, I transitioned to being a core officer and started leading a team of GIT MAD members. Over the summer, I interned in San Francisco at Salesforce and learned a lot about different tools and frameworks that can be used with Java. I hope to bring this knowledge to the team to make our apps more functional and simpler, and I’m excited to be mentoring all of our GIT MAD members!

Picture of Kartik Prabhu
Kartik Prabhu

Hi! I'm Kartik and I'm currently a 2nd year CompE (not CS!) major. I got started with Android development in high school, and I joined GITMAD my freshman year. Besides Android, I also like full stack web development, and in fact, developed this website. I'm studying abroad this fall semester at Georgia Tech Lorraine, so I won't be at any of the meetings until next semester. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you all in the spring!

Picture of Jinni Xia
Jinni Xia

Hi! My name is Jinni Xia and I’m a second year CS major. I joined GITMAD Fall 2015 and now I help out with planning events for the club. Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the club or upcoming events.

Picture of Kevin Randrup
Kevin Randrup

I've been a mobile developer for 4 years; I started by publishing two iOS apps on the App Store. My freshman year I worked as an iOS developer at Nuesoft Technologies (Medical Practice Software). This last summer I worked at AUTIT as the lead Android developer, brining the project from start to finish. My job also included improving the iOS app and working on the server backend.