Picture of Jinni Xia
Jinni Xia

Hi! My name is Jinni and I’m a fourth year CS major. I joined GITMAD Fall 2015 and I have been an officer since Spring 2016. Throughout my years with the club, I have taught Android lessons through GITMAD and HackGTeeny, organized events like Bootcamp and the Appathon, and reached out to CAP companies for Android tech talks. I'm looking forward to leading the club as President this year! Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions regarding the club or upcoming events. Also, feel free to reach out if you are interested in an officer position within GITMAD!

Picture of Clayton Lawrence
Clayton Lawrence

Hey! I'm Clayton Lawrence and I'm currently a 5th year CS major. My fascination with Android is what got me into CS so I look forward to exploring and learning more about it with you all! During the summer following my Freshman year, I participated in Facebook University where I was an Android developer for 8 weeks and co-created a bucket-list app based on a user's Instagram data. This past summer I was an Android developer on Facebook Business Platform team where I worked on tools for business pages. As a sophomore, I joined GITMAD and helped create the social networking app, Bitter. Since then, I have served as president, given talks, and helped plan events. I can't wait to get into some cool Android concepts this year!!

Picture of Ejnar Arechavala
Ejnar Arechavala

Hey, I'm a third year CompE who dabbles in CS fields and I became an officer this semester after joining the club during my second year. Most of of what I know about Android Development, I learned at this club. I hope that we can learn something together!

Picture of Lucas Maurer
Lucas Maurer

Hey! My name is Lucas and I am a fourth year CS major here at Tech. I became a GITMAD officer last semester, but have been coming to GITMAD since my freshmen year. My focus is centered around UI/UX and creating apps that provide a great user experience. Most of my Android knowledge comes from this club so I am more than happy to pass the information along!

Picture of Jamal Paden
Jamal Paden

Hi I'm Jamal, I am a CS major at tech! I became an officer last semester and I have been interested in Android Development for a few years now.